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Best Places to Visit in Munich

Munich is a beautiful city and also the third-largest in the whole of Germany. Like most other places, Munich too has its fair share of attractions that can be classified as the ideal chilling spot in Germany. Once you visit the place, you will realise that you cannot complete the entire tour in a day, as the options are...

Catholic Church Scandals

We have all been following the Catholic Church and its unbelievable handling of the various scandals which has rocked it recently. How much is negative publicity, with the media fanning the flames of scandal and how much is legitimate criticism of the church. After all, other institutions also experience pedophilia without the massive publicity which the Catholic Church has...

If you had 1 Million?

Imagine suddenly possessing 1 Million (legally, without resorting to blackmail, stealing or extortion), how would you spend it? Invest it wisely, give it to charity, or perhaps get a yacht with on-board bikini-clad beauties, a few dozen bottles of champagne and live like a king for a week? Add you thoughts here.

Munich Blade Night 2010

It is that time of year again when we need to dust off those inline skates and get ready for grazed knees, bruised egos and plenty of fun. Munich Blade Night 2010 starts on 3rd May and is held on Monday evenings, dependent on weather conditions. If you haven't yet joined this party on wheels, then give it a...

Travel Disruptions

Did you find yourself struggling to either return or leave Munich due to the ash cloud over Europe? The Munich Times is eager to hear your story and how you handled the massive disrutpions to your plans. Especially of interest is the compensation packages and customer service efforts of German companies in dealing with your problems.

Holiday Destinations

Struggling to think of a good holiday destination this year? Greece - good, but need to avoid the stag parties. Tunisia - great weather, but is it suitable for women travelling alone? Where are the best places for your particular circumstances? Check this thread and share your experiences with others and ask questions of our seasoned travellers here in...